GOP Arrogance

Let’s get the snark outta the way first:

Americans polled by TIME magazine show strong support for a guest-worker program and a process for undocumented workers to become citizens, but they take a tough stance on securing the borders. And most do not want illegal immigrants to have access to health care, public education or driver’s licenses.

How about prisons? Does a majority of Americans mind if illegal immigrants have access to prisons? Jesus, what a selfish fucking angry bunch of people we are. Sure, they can come here and cook my food, but they can’t go to my doctor, and they’ll have to take the bus to work.

Now, on to the question nobody’s really been able to answer for me in all this: Why did the GOP stick its party-wide dick in this bees’ nest NOW?

I get that it’s an issue you can’t ignore forever, but so is poverty, and global warming, and oh yeah that war we’ve got going on someplace, and I hear North Korea has some nukes, but we’ve been ignoring that shit for an entire presidency, so why this? Did they get some bad polling info? Did somebody’s cousin need a consultantcy/ad buy contract with a quickness? What? Even if I was to buy into Tancredo’s racist, fearmongering nonsense, I still wouldn’t see the urgency. Why this year and not last year, or next? It makes no political sense. You don’t need to grab onto this live wire during an election year. Run on safe things. Puppies. Apple pie. Gay-hating. You know, the shit that got you elected last time around.

I am not as confident as Steve that this is backfiring horribly and will be the death of the GOP. Keep in mind, attendance at rallies and protests is not the same thing as voter turnout. If they were, we’d be drinking to President Kerry right now. Never underestimate the ability of the GOP attack machine to get pissed-off middle class white guys to the polls to vote against a perceived threat to their sacks of Cheetos. They turned on their Hate Spigot for gays and they can do it for immigrants, this year at least.

In the long run, yeah, it’s disaster, but there’s only so much baling wire with which to sew together a coalition of racist assholes before they start gnawing at the restraints and each other’s fingers. If it wasn’t this it’d be something else.

If I’m wrong and the backlash does indeed sweep every Republican out of office, I’ll dance the dance of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid along with all y’all. But the game isn’t over, and I’m not celebrating until it is.