Sunday TV Rec


MYSTERY! launches its 26th season with a stylish new whodunit starring Robert Lindsay as Chief Inspector Michael Jericho, one of Scotland Yard’s finest officers, revered by his colleagues and the public.

With Jericho, MYSTERY! introduces one of its most complex and intriguing detectives yet. Set amidst the social upheaval of post-war 1950s London, Jericho is surveying a city changing before his eyes and he is ahead of his time in his fight for justice without prejudice.

Jericho is haunted by memories of his father whose murder he witnessed as a boy. It has left an indelible scar. And he has never married; while he was away at war, his childhood sweetheart fell in love with another man. He devotes his life to his work.

I’ve loved Robert Lindsay ever since watching him absolutely steal A&E’s Horatio Hornblower series out from under Ioan Gruffudd. Screw the Next Big Hollywood Heartthrob; give me the ragged-voiced duty-bound Captain Pellew.

He’s doing a kind of Humphrey Bogart/Jeremy Brett hybrid thing here, with just enough humor and passion to make the tormented-soul thing bearable, and it is a wonder to watch. And I’m already nursing a crush on his loyal-to-a-fault partner Harvey, who watches over him like a hen. The plot doesn’t suck, either, at least not yet. In case you actually, you know, want a substantive story in addition to all the lovely character moments.