What All The Chicken Hawks Will Be Wearing This Summer

From Holden:

NewsMax has a fabulous new offer for you. For the special price of $22.95 you can receive the Desert Camouflage Hat, just like the one worn by our troops in Iraq! Better yet, order now and get four FREE issues of NewsMax Magazine – a $15 value based on the cover price. Check it out.

Spring is here, summer is coming . . . and the powerful rays of the sun can do you tremendous harm!

That’s why you need to wear the same hat worn by our troops in the Iraqi desert — the Desert Camouflage Hat!


America won the war in Iraq, and for a time, it seemed that our greatest enemy was not Saddam’s loyalists but Mother Nature.

As American and coalition combat troops moved relentlessly north across the barren Iraqi desert, they were met with stiff resistance from fierce sandstorms, an unvanquished sun and extreme heat.

The answer to these elements was the Desert Camouflage Hat – known in Army lingo as the desert boonie hat.


Some day that young sergeant who welcomed a lost and fearful journalist will pull his ancient desert boonie out of the attic or closet and perch it on his son’s head.

He will see his own pride reflected in the look in the child’s eyes.