Condi Under Oath

From Holden:

Oh, baby.

Abbe Lowell [attorney for indicted AIPAC officials Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman], a First Amendment specialist representing Rosen, sought and received approval from US District Court judge T.S. Ellis to subpoena Condoleezza Rice, retired General Anthony Zinni, Ambassador David Satterfield and Ambassador William Burns. All four have served the Bush administration in various capacities involving the Middle East, and Franklin held down the Iran desk in former Pentagon official Doug Feith’s office.

The defense contends that it is common practice for Senior Assministration Officials to pass secret information around like those greasy breadsticks at Olive Garden. To prove their point they asked the judge if they could call Condi and the others and quiz them about their classified information leaking habits. The judge said, I’m cool with that.

This should be fun.