Not Ready

From Scout:

With the hurricane season fast approaching it looks more and more that NOLA residents will be forced to rely on a commodity in short supply…Hope:

Floodgates to block tidal surges out of the weakened 17th Street and London Avenue canals, and auxiliary pumps to help prevent inland flooding when the gates are closed, will not be ready as promised when the hurricane season opens June 1, Army Corps of Engineers officials confirmed late Thursday.

Corps commanders said braced-steel sheet piling will be installed at canal bridges to turn back high water, and portable pumps will be used to provide limited stormwater drainage if an early-season storm surge threatens the city before the work is complete. And they added that the work probably won’t be finished before early- to mid-July. (Details HERE)

Last week NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin unveiled the city’s evacuation plan which appears is a plan on paper and charts only….

For one, the plan to use Amtrak trains to evacuate the sick and elderly has not been completed with the rail operator. However, Amtrak officials said they are working on a memorandum of understanding with the city.

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From Scout:

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals said the plan has another problem — not enough doctors to put on board those trains.

Department officials said the state would not be able to spare any doctors for the evacuation trains.

The plan calls for airlines to hold their planes in New Orleans long enough to evacuate tourists — a plan the Transportation Security Administration said is under discussion but not completed. No airlines have agreed to it.

The city plans to use buses to pick up residents with no means of transportation from designated points and deliver them to the Convention Center.

From there, according to the plan, the state is to get them to shelters outside the city.

But the city has no more than 100 buses available for the job of moving an estimated 10,000 people, and the bus drivers have not agreed to stay.

Furthermore, the state transportation department said it considers it the city’s responsibility to get people out of town. However, it did say it was preparing a plan to help New Orleans get its people out.

Finally, less than three weeks before the start of hurricane season, not a single shelter has been lined up.