Military not ready for next disaster

From Scout:

From WWL

WASHINGTON– The government won’t be ready for another major disaster such as Hurricane Katrina unless the Pentagon takes a more aggressive role in the federal response, congressional investigators said Monday.

Poor planning and confusion about the military’s role contributed to problems after the storm struck on Aug. 29, 2005, and without immediate attention improvement is unlikely, the Government Accountability Office said.

It urged the Defense Department to establish procedures to speed aircraft, troops and reconnaissance gear to hurricane-stricken areas when local and state officials are overwhelmed as well as beef up communications support to Homeland Security officials, who have the lead role in a disaster.

“The devastation of Katrina and the issues it revealed serve as a warning that actions are needed,” said the report by Congress’ investigative arm. “Without urgent and detailed attention to improve planning, the military and federal government risk being unprepared.”

In reading the Senate Report on Katrina I found this which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing but it did surprise me…….

Although this process successfully deployed a large number of National Guard troops, it did not proceed efficiently, or according to any pre-existing plan or process. There is, in fact, no established process for the large-scale, nation-wide deployment of National Guard troops for civil support. (emphasis mine)