So much for “those people”

From Scout:

I still hear it…..”Why didn’t those people just leave”? Well aside from the fact that One Million did evacuate from the greater New Orleans area pre-Katrina about 100,000 did not evacuate. But a new poll shows that “Those People” who did not evacuate are really no different than anyone else in vulnerable areas,this even AFTER the Katrina wake-up call.

Mayfield [National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield] outlined the poll at the launch of the 2006 National Hurricane Survival Initiative, an educational campaign aimed at preparing and protecting residents in vulnerable coastal areas.

He said 13 percent of residents in coastal states said they might not or would not evacuate even if ordered to leave.

Fifteen percent of Florida residents said they wouldn’t evacuate.

The majority of residents said they preferred to weather the storm at home and wanted to be there to protect their property, while three percent said they would stay for their pets.

Of those who do evacuate, one in five residents said they would only leave 12-24 hours before a storm makes landfall.

Given that only 10% did not evacuate from New Orleans it looks as though NOLA actually did better then, than others would now.