Put Whitey On A Reservation!

From Holden:

They have no shame. Hardball, last night:

MATTHEWS: How can conservatives go back to their basically gerrymandered Republican districts of people, our native Americans, who are upset about too much illegal immigration going on and say, yes, I signed the president‘s bill, he leaned on me a little bit, so I did it? How do you defend that?


MATTHEWS: What about the argument that Pat makes that they want the road not just to citizenship for the illegal immigrants but the road to membership in the Democratic Party.

FINEMAN: Well, of course they do. But they figure they are going to get that eventually. They would like to see, to use a phrase from the Nixon days, the Republicans twist in the wind for a while, divided between their business constituency and the pro-Hispanic outreach that Bush is trying and the native American who are concerned about.

BUCHANAN: Bush had such an opportunity. He could have come in with a strong border security…

MATTHEWS: Native Americans meaning European Americans generally. I was using your phrase, yes. That wasn‘t exactly my phrase.