Latest Zogby Poll: 32%

From Holden:

Yeah, sure Rover — everyone just loves the Chimp.

This as the President’s overall job approval numbers fall to 32%, according to a separate Zogby International survey conducted via telephone before the immigration speech Monday.

That’s an all-time personal low for the Chimpster in the Zogby poll, so I have to update the list again.

Zogby: 32%

Newsweek: 35%

Harris Interactive: 29%

USA Today/Gallup: 34%

USA Today/Gallup: 31%

AP/Ipsos: 33%

CBS News: 33%

American Research Group (ARG): 34%

NBC/Wall Street Journal: 36%

CNN: 32%

UPDATE: Chimpy leaps up to 34% in the latest CNN poll.

Fox News: 33%

Chimpy surges in the latest Fox News poll to 38%, so that Pony Blow appointment must be paying off already.

Gallup: 36%

Note: the USA Today/Gallup Poll and the Gallup Poll are conducted independently.

<Pony, bitches.