Congressional Republicans Balk At DOJ Requests

From Holden:

I guess warrants and shit are only important if you are a Republican Member of Congress.

The United States attorney’s office in San Diego has asked for copies of “tens of thousands” of documents from the House Appropriations and Intelligence Committees, the official said, as part of its inquiry into whether Mr. Cunningham illegally influenced the process the committees use to designate money for military projects.

But lawyers for the Republican-controlled House rebuffed the request as unreasonably broad, the official said, and asked the United States attorney’s office for a shorter list.


The documents were requested in a March 7 letter to House officials. In April, lawyers from the House asked federal investigators to trim the request, the official said.

“They wanted tens of thousands of documents without any clear notion of where it was going or what it was for,” the official said. “It was a long list of stuff, it was at least 10,000 documents” that would take more than 100 hours to compile.