Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

Mucho interest in Unka Karl in today’s gaggle

Q Is there any change in the status of Karl Rove contemplated in the near future — status in the White House?

MR. SNOW: Not that I know of, Helen, no.


Q Has Karl Rove spoken to you about the CIA leak case?

MR. SNOW: No, he hasn’t.

Q Has any member of the administration spoken to you about the CIA leak case?

MR. SNOW: Yes.

Q Who?

MR. SNOW: I’m not going to tell you. (Laughter.)

Q Has any White House lawyer spoken to you about the case?

MR. SNOW: Again, I just — didn’t I just tell you that I’m not going to tell you who I’ve spoken with?

Q I’m just asking.

MR. SNOW: I know. Good questions. (Laughter.)


Q On Karl’s meeting on the Hill this morning, do you know if there were any questions or concerns from the House Republicans there about Karl’s potentially precarious situation here?

MR. SNOW: His potentially precarious situation? In other words, whether they were talking about the special counsel?

Q And whether he’s going to be around for the elections, and in what capacity?

MS. PERINO: In the meeting today?

Q Yes.

MS. PERINO: No, it was about immigration.

MR. SNOW: No, it was about immigration.

Q No concerns were raised by them?


MR. SNOW: Dana was there for every moment of it, so you have a full and complete readout.

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From Holden:

Yes, but did you read Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle?

Q I read a lot of blogs yesterday. I talked to a lot of people yesterday. I didn’t hear one person from the House saying, he got it, he finally got it, and now we can play ball with him.

Seems the president is going to do an immigration photo-op in Yuma, Arizona. This is a perfect example of Pony Blow’s smarmy glibness, which is going to get old really fast.

Q I’m trying to figure out why Yuma. The border is, what, 2,000 miles, and Yuma is about as far as you can go short of San Diego. What is there that’s special about that?

MR. SNOW: I don’t — look, no matter where we would have chosen on a 2,000-mile swath of border, you would have said why there. (Laughter.) Because it’s a really good spot. (Laughter.)

Q Does the fact that Governor Napolitano —

MR. SNOW: No, it really doesn’t have anything necessarily to do with Governor Napolitano, although we are very happy to have her joining us. But in any event —

Q The President had a reason to pick it.

MR. SNOW: Say what?

Q He must have had a reason to pick Yuma.

MR. SNOW: Go talk to the advance people.

Q No, no, no, it isn’t made by the advance, they just advance.

And in your Daily Les, Kinsolving is left speechless.

Q Tony, would the President be willing to guard the White House with the same level of security he wants to use to guard the U.S.-Mexican border, without walls, without complete fences, and with insufficient armed services — armed personnel?

MR. SNOW: With all due respect, the White House is a little different than a 2,000-mile border.

Q I understand that, but —

MR. SNOW: So the answer would be, no.

Q Okay. And can we — well, thank you. (Laughter.)

Q He’s flabbergasted. (Laughter.)