Truth Vs. Balance

Hats off to Ruthalice Anderson:

Reading an article or watching news on TV should not require ESP, but that seems to be what journalists demand of us. They present opinion set A and opinion set B, sometimes with completely contrasting sets of “facts” and provide little or no information on what is observably, verifiably true. This is worse than useless because it creates learned helplessness — the idea that we can’t know and can’t make a difference.

Because that’s exactly it. If it’s all subjective anyway, and one side’s just as bad and dishonest as the other, and all politicians are crooks, and all “the media” are liars, well, then why bother to give enough of a damn to pay attention anymore?

Especially since knowing about a problem confers upon you the uncomfortable feeling of obligation to help solve it, and the TV or Playstation can’t always drown that out.