Fence Flip-Flop

From Holden:

Chimpy is interviewed by CNN Espaol, March 28, 2006.

Q The White House supported the Sensenbrenner bill in the House, making the exception that you were going to pursue a temporary guest worker program. Now, that bill includes the construction of 700 miles of border, and that is seen not only in Mexico but in many Latin American countries as a sign that the U.S. wants to isolate itself from the region. Is that —

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t think people ought to read that into it. I think people ought to — first of all, the House is the beginning of the process, as you know. But people shouldn’t — it’s impractical to fence off the border. But it is also realistic to give our Border Patrol agents tools to be able to do their job.

We ought to enforce our borders. That’s what the American people expect. I’ve talked to President Fox about Mexico enforcing her southern border, and he agrees there ought to be border enforcement down there. But he, like I, understand it’s difficult to enforce large borders.

And I don’t think anybody believes that you could totally fence off the border and be effective. But I do think we ought to be in a position to give our Border Patrol agents better tools, more effective ways to prevent people from smuggling people and/or drugs across our border.

I might remind the immigrant-hating members of Chimpy’s former base that his grasp of Spanish is marginal at best.