Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

In Arizona, yesterday.

It’s All About the Dune Buggy

I think it helps to have the President out here, seeing the part of the area of the country that one time was overrun by people coming in here, that’s beginning to get settled down because of a strategy that’s being employed. And so I really want to thank you all for greeting me. Plus I liked riding in the dune buggy.

Never Was Much Good With Math

Last year, agents in the Yuma sector apprehended more than 70,000 illegal entrants. That’s up from 14 percent.

He’s A Little Bit Country

We’ve caught — we’ve ended catch and release for illegal immigrants from some countries. And so I’m going to ask country for funding and legal authority to end catch and release at the southern border once and for all for all countries.

Good Luck With That Second Part

We want to know who is coming in the country, and who is not coming in the country.

Never Was Much Good With Plurals

Fourth, it is important to resolve the status of million illegal immigrants who are here already.

OK, Everybody Out

There are some in this country who believe we ought to deport everybody who has been here.