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nola penguin

One of 19 penguins rescued along with two sea otters in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina walks on the tarmac after returning to New Orleans following an eight-month refuge in California, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The rescued animals were flown by FedEx back to New Orleans and will return to their home at the Audobon Aquarium of the Americas which is scheduled to reopen 26 May 2006.(AFP/Getty Images/Mario Tama)

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nola morgan poodle

From Scout:

Morgan LaFay, an apricot standard poodle, is back home with her person seven months after she was left stranded on an Orleans Parish rooftop.

William Morgan hadn’t meant to abandon Miss Morgan, as he calls his 18-month-old dog. The double-amputee and war veteran floated to the ceiling of his home when the 17th Street levee was breached. He tried to punch through the attic. When he realized time was running out, he made it to a window, opened it and swam to the roof.

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nola morgan and poodle