Dead Lebanese Children In My Newspaper

From Holden:

This is a first. I don’t recall ever seeing dead Iraqi children on the front page of my local rag, but the front page of the print edition of today’s Austin American-Statesman features a large color photograph (it takes up the entire area of the page abaove the fold) of a dead Lebanese todler pulled from the wreckage created by Israel’s latest terror-bombing of Qana, Beruit.

Israel now says it will put it’s collective punishment campaign on hold for a while, but check this out:

Israel last night bowed to international pressure and agreed to a 48-hour suspension of aerial activity over southern Lebanon after more than 50 civilians – half of them children – were killed in the deadliest Israeli airstrike so far.

The suspension was announced by US State Department spokesman Adam Ereli, who said Israel reserved the right to attack targets if it learns that attacks are being prepared against them.

Mr Ereli also said Israel would co-ordinate with the United Nations to allow a 24-hour period of safe passage for people living in south Lebanon who wanted to leave the region.

That’s right folks, it was an American official who announced Israel’s plans to temporarily stop incinerating Lebanese children. Why is a US State Department official making this announcement and not an Israeli official? Because this is an American war, fought with American planes and American bombs. Those are your tax dollars at work in Southern Lebanon.