What’s Worse?

From Holden:

What’s worse, the fact that the president doesn’t know when hurricane season ends or the fact that FEMA Director David Paulison thinks that the month of November has 31 days?

Q Can you explain then why the President didn’t seem to know today when the hurricane season was?

DIRECTOR PAULISON: I didn’t get that. I’m sure he knows it’s from June to December.

Q He said it ends in September when we were at the hurricane center, and he had to be corrected that it goes until mid-October, they said.

DIRECTOR PAULISON: I think you may not have heard the whole conversation. What Max Mayfield was showing is that between this particular date and the end of September is when we have 80 percent of our hurricanes. Hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 31st (sic). But last year, remember, we had hurricanes all the way into January. So, although hurricane season is six months, 80 percent of our hurricanes come within that three-month block between now and probably the middle of October, I guess, if I saw that chart right. Yes, that’s what Max was trying to show him, that it’s been pretty slow this year so far, but this is the very beginning of our busy season traditionally with hurricanes. And I’m born and raised in Miami so I’m kind of used to that, when we start ducking.