Your Wednesday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

From Holden:

Wait a minute, who set this woman loose in an airpot with a pair of scissors?

And just what makes our Kathy Harris tick, anyway?

Stoked by caffeine, ambition and a professed belief that God wants her to be a U.S. senator, Harris is more indefatigable than the Energizer Bunny, to whom friends often compare her for drive and determination.

Fixed on her Senate quest, the one-time GOP heroine now she sees herself as independent and not beholden to the party that has abandoned her.


Harris professes a spirituality combining a conventional Southern religious upbringing; the influence of Francis Schaeffer, godfather of the Christian right political movement; and good v. evil fantasy writings including J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

She sees herself as emulating Queen Esther, a biblical heroine with a divine mission.

Former top political adviser Ed Rollins said Harris told him, “God wants me to be a senator.”

Rollins, a nationally known veteran GOP operative who left the campaign in March, said he responded, “Maybe God wants you to run because he wants Bill Nelson to be senator.”


On the trail, aides can’t predict what she’ll say next. Harris has often made public claims in speeches and campaign literature that weren’t backed by facts.

“She almost seems to want to sabotage herself,” said Rollins.


Working small roomfuls of supporters, she moves from table to table, going face-to-face with each attendee, touching or hugging if she can, until aides physically tug her to the podium for a speech or out to the car to leave for the next stop.

She is always in motion, fueled by endless Starbucks coffee – triple venti latte, nonfat, no foam, one Sweet’N Low. It’s a caffeine bombwith three shots of espresso, and Harris has five or so a day .