Elect Democrats who get it:

I will never forget the day that two bombs exploded at U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in August of 1998.

The blasts killed more Africans than they did Americans, but the message was clearly from Usama Bin Laden and directed towards the United States and “United States sympathizers.”

By 1998, I had become the leader of our small Crisis Action Team at COMUSNAVCENT (forward deployment of CENTCOM), based in Bahrain. Following the bombings, our office churned with activity for the next few days while local analysts worked with counterterrorism experts in Washington D.C. to figure out, “who done it?”

On August 16, a lazy Sunday afternoon, one of the watch floor analysts showed up at my apartment for a short conversation. “We’re sharpening our missiles and the N2 has a project for you,” she said.

I knew that we had received orders from Washington and it didn’t take me long to make my way to the military base.

Clinton Attacked Bin Laden – Republicans cried, “Wag the dog.”