Shorter Jack…this should have been a no brainer a long time ago…

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: How you doing John. Funny how things work out. Isn’t it? President Bush can invade Iraq, lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction, spy on Americans without a warrant, change the Geneva Conventions and the War Powers act, hold detainees indefinitely with no access to a lawyer or a court or a trial. And after all of that it was still very much a tossup whether the Republicans stood to lose control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

Then, all of a sudden, comes some instant messages from a degenerate Florida Congressman, Mark Foley, where he is making sexually inappropriate suggestions to a 16-year-old boy. Now it’s not the first time a Congressman or a senator or a president or a governor has been found to have sexual proclivities that fall outside the generally accepted norm of human behavior in this country, but the 16- year-old Foley was hitting on was a congressional page, bingo.

These kids are sent to Washington by their families to learn how our government operates. This kid got quite a lesson, didn’t he? Because this was such a gross violation of the trust that American families place in their leaders to watch over and protect these kids while they are away from home, well, this is a long way from being your average run-of-the-mill sex scandal. Suddenly a few instant messages have the Republicans terrified. Here is the question, what effect will the Foley scandal have on Republican candidates in the midterm elections