FromEmily Metzgar viaOyster is news that the Louisiana “state ethics board intends to discuss the regulation of political blogs in Louisiana.”

Just how do they think that is going to work?

UPDATE: They may be just looking at placement of campaign ads on blogs. Here is the wording for upcoming ethics board meeting from which this story came..

“Consideration of a request for an advisory opinion concerning the regulation of web-blogs and blog sites and the placement of political campaign signs.”

4 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. I think Black Sheep One hit it on the head. My insider tells me that in a campaign season setting new record lows for negativism, someone began posting anonymously to blogs. Since all campaign materials are supposed to be sourced, this is major no-no. So the advisory is asking if there is any mechanism to regulate political speech on blogs.
    At the least, it would be nice to be in the room when the commissars discover the not only are the blogs in question probably not hosted in Louisiana, many aren’t even hosted in country. Maybe Louisiana will start the invasion of South America so many have dreamed of.

  2. ‘S Louisiana. Historically, their government’s reach has way exceeded its grasp.

  3. I asked my insider in Baton Rouge to ask around and see if we can find out more. Will post if anything comes back timely.

  4. I fear the words “Lousiana” and “regulation” in one sentence.
    This does not bode well.

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