It ain’t over til it’s over

I agree withKos here…

I’m getting a little nervous with people thinking we have any race this fall in the bag. While things look great for us right now, the election isn’t right now. And if Republicans can do anything, it’s close the deal. And quite frankly, we’re not a sure thing anywhere.

There is much to be done between now and the election and I hope each of us will decide on how we will contribute to the effort whether it be in campaign donations or door to door canvassing or phone banking for your local candidates. The polls look good but we must GOTV or it is meaningless.

For myself, I will be doing door to door canvasing tonight forFair Wisconsin regarding the constitutional ban on civil unions and gay marriage on the ballot here in WI. So if anyone out there in my neck of the woods would like to come along be at St. Marks, 605 Spruce at 4:30 today. I’d love to meet you.

Tomorrow night it is phone banking for my Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. Anyone want to help out?

Everyone knows what is at stake here. Let’s get it done.

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