ABC is reporting that when asked about Tom Friedman’s column which compares today’s Iraq to the Tet Offensive, Pony Blow said this…

“I think Friedman may be right, but we’ll have to see.”

Ooops. I suppose the backtracling will be forthcoming and likely involve reference to Ramadam.

UPDATE: Well this appears now onABC home page…

In an exclusive interview President Bush said “He could be right,” when George Stephanopoulos asked him about New York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman’s claim that the situation in Iraq right now might be the equivalent of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam.

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  1. Maybe he thought Friedman meant “Tit Offensive.”
    One thing’s for sure. Pony’s no historian.

  2. There is a four part Iraq War video slide show up on Youtube right now that everyone should go see. The photos show the dark side of the American Military’s behavior and attitude in Iraq. The whole thing is eye opening, disturbing, and certainly challenges the portrayal of the troops the MSM has been feeding us for the past three years.
    LINK –

  3. And maybe what they meant is that like the Tet offensive, the “insurgents” will suffer a tremendous military defeat.

  4. since they are not historians, i am sure they think this is a good thing.
    like last throes.

  5. The previous anonymous has it:
    Bush and the rest of the GOP are speaking to the wingnut base, for whom the Tet offensive was the beginning of the Great Liberal Stab in the Back. According to their narrative, the evildoers suffered a thoroughgoing military defeat, but lily-livered protesters (you know, the kind who stood up, unarmed, in the face of soldiers carrying rifles and every now and then firing them for effect) betrayed what would otherwise have been a Great American Drive to Victory.
    That’s what Rumsfold is on about with his “we can’t help but win militarily” line. If only we had the Will, the storyline goes, we would Triumph.
    The mere fact that the “insurgents” (who happen to run significant parts of the government, inluding the ministry of the interior) can engage in widespread violence after three years of last throes shows how bankrupt the current policy is.

  6. Thank you for the link. I could only watch one. If the other 3 live up to the first one, this one deserves its own thread.
    Just one random thought – if the guards at Abu Ghraib have their pictures taken, obviously after the scandal broke, with t-shirts lauding the infamous pictures, with captions indicating that these abuses are good things…
    If so, what sort of discipline and ethics are the guards really under? are not the shocked congressmen and promises of doing things better really just window dressing?

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