Chimpy Attains Loft Height In New Newsweek Poll

George Bush’s job approval rating soared to 32% in the latest Newsweek poll, one point above the all-time low he set in that poll last month.


Sixty-two percent of Americans want the Bush administration to set a timetable for withdrawal. And not in the distant future. Forty-eight percent of Americans want U.S. soldiers and Marines to come home now or within the next year. Add in the 19 percent who say they would support U.S. troops remaining in Iraq one to two years more and 67 percent of Americans say they would support keeping large numbers of U.S. military personnel in Iraq for no more than another year or two.

One thought on “Chimpy Attains Loft Height In New Newsweek Poll

  1. Isn’t it beyond the point that is worth tracking the President’s poll numbers? Who the hell cares about him any more?

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