Poppin’ Fresh Prejudice

thereisnospoon suggests we get the popcorn:

If the insanely popular-with-the-nutball-right Left Behind series of novels believes that the U.N. is really the source of all evil in the world and the likely origin of the next Anti-Christ, one can only imagine the uproar they’ll have at the selection of a freaking Muslim to the U.N.

The Freepers are already up to their asses in JiffyPop:

I just read that on Drudge.. Disbelief.. unless we are trying to prove how Muslim friendly we are then at the last minute nominate someone else..

I guess nobody has been paying attention for the last 5 years. If I’m not mistaken, when push comes to shove his loyalties must be towards Allah and Islam first. Which makes him ineligible for public office in my mind. Ditto the other public/elected officials whose loyalties are in doubt.

Will he take his oath on the Koran?


That’s from the FIRST PAGE.


5 thoughts on “Poppin’ Fresh Prejudice

  1. Admittely, I don’t understand the Muslims in many respects. But it looks to me like we’ve got a diplomatic person who understands the Muslim world looking to find a resolution to our mess.
    Seems like a good idea to me.
    [considering that the current “hot spot” in the world seems to be the fall-out of our idiotic decrees of what happens in the Muslim parts of the world (going back even before the post World-war partioning of the middle east into countries without understanding anything about the region) and continually exacerbated by the meddling of the USA CIA (installing rulers, deposing those rulers, putting in Saddam, removing Saddam) and setting up a situation between Israel and Arabs (both Arabs living in Israel and in surrounding countries), and all the while dealing with a USA president and FBI that doesn’t even know that there is a difference between Shia and Sunni]

  2. The people who SEE NO DANGER in George Bush releasing detailed and Arabic-notated nuclear bomb plans on the Internet,
    (because a Decider can blow our national secrets as he sees fit, including “All data concerning (1) design, manufacture, or utilization of atomic weapons”, without needing a complex clearance procedure, and publication of unvetted paperwork from terrorist caches is OK — just like getting Bin Laden dead or alive, or not at all.)
    are terrified of the idol the ambassador to the false god of internationalism will swear over.
    I hear the sound of drums on the Hudson…
    Meanwhile, John McCain crouches in George Bush’s rectum, trying to warm himself on a guttering fire. He turns to Tony Snow, and says, “Quiet. Too quiet.” And just then…
    — Paul in LA
    P.S. That is Popin’ Fresh, right? Popery is lightweight compared to Imamery. Indeed, one might wonder whether religion is all about throwweight after all.

  3. “But it looks to me like we’ve got a diplomatic person who understands the Muslim world looking to find a resolution to our mess. Seems like a good idea to me.”
    If you’re talking about Khalizad, you ought to do some reading:
    “Between 1993 and 1999, Dr. Khalilzad was Director of the Strategy, Doctrine and Force Structure program for the RAND Corporation’s Project Air Force. RAND is a think-tank primarily focused on “national security” issues, created just after World War II in connection with high ranking officers from the armed forces and now closely linked to the neoconservatives (Donald Rumsfeld was chairman 1981-1986).”
    Do you think the NeoCons “understand the Muslim world”?
    [Dunno if the listkeeper knows you personally, but the format of that posting is exactly what one expects from a concern troll, to whit: “It’s a dangerous world, and I don’t claim to understand it, but it sounds like Hitler is trying to calm the waters over there, and I think that’s a good thing.”]
    –Paul in LA

  4. Like I started out, I don’t know a lot about the Muslim world. If he’s a neocon, things are really bad.
    My point still stands, that we’ve made a mess of things. Perhaps a diplomat who understands that region of the world would be a good thing?
    BTW – don’t be too quick to scream Troll. You’ll alienate folks who are honestly asking questions.

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