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Have they rebuilt the rape rooms yet?

Iraq executed 13 men convicted of murder, kidnapping and other crimes, the government said Tuesday.

Video released by the government showed the men wearing hoods and green jumpsuits, and standing against a wall shortly before they were hanged. Some images showed two men standing together on a gallows with nooses around their necks.

The sentences were carried out in a Baghdad jail, said Busho Ibrahim, undersecretary of the Justice Ministry.

Wait one minute. Are you telling me that the Undersecretary of the Justice Ministry’s first name is “Busho”?

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  1. yep, it’s busho, alright. And the chief executioner is known as Hajj “al Cheney” to his repeat customers: he has a nasty habit of shooting them in the face first, before he finally offs them on a subsequent visit…

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