Red-Staters Finally Seeing The Light

The reddest of the Red States are slowly backing away from the Chimp.

If you’re President Bush, some truly disturbing numbers can be found in the poll of 800 Georgia voters released this morning by Strategic Vision, a GOP-leaning public affairs firm.

Bush’s overall approval has dropped to 42 percent — and Iraq is to blame. On the economy, 46 percent said they approved of what he’s doing. On the war on terror, 49 percent expressed approval.

But when it came to Bush’s Iraq policy, only 38 percent approved. This in a state widely viewed as pro-military, and one of the most friendly to the president.

Only 33 percent approved of sending more troops to Iraq, and 43 percent said they would support Congress if it chose to cut off funding to block the sending of more troops. Forty-nine percent said they would oppose the maneuver.

The poll was conducted Jan. 12 through 14, and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus three percentage points.

Even inbred hicks have standards.

-Holden [5th generation Southerner]

4 thoughts on “Red-Staters Finally Seeing The Light

  1. oh good lord, I remember that video game that you are posting an image from… why, oh why did you have to bring back those memories?

  2. I think I recognize those guys. They’re Red State Intellectuals. Graduated 3rd grade and it only took six tries!
    Didn’t they have a little brother with 6 fingers?
    “NED! Look out behind you!”

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