4 thoughts on “Hagel

  1. Awesome job, Chuck. That was pretty much exactly what needed to be said. Now about that vote against the minimum wage hike…

  2. “So today we are not being petty.
    We are trying to be big… because the task we have before us is a big one.”
    —-Barbara Jordan, 1974 Impeachment Hearing

  3. All of these Senators are doing their job. If the voters hadn’t told them what they think, it wouldn’t be happening.
    At cab drollery, I am praising them for their Heroism, they’re going to need it.

  4. But did you catch (?)Olbermann last night – apparently there’s an interview in GQ magazine that the resolution that Shrub sent to Congress to vote on would have allowed war anywhere in the Mid East at any time?
    You know – I thought it was tinfoil hat time when folks said that Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty was directed by Prez Johnson in order to open up a permanent military control of the Mid-East. At this point, I’m not too far away from giving you my hat size .

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