Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

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Anyway, Pony Blow did a quickie gaggle aboard Air Force One this morning en route to Kansas City where Chimpy is due to prattle on about his dumbass health care proposal. However, none of the gagglers were interested in Chimpy’s plan to raise taxes on some while further denying helath care to others, they were primarily intereseted in Iraq.

That Anti-Surge Senate Resolution? No Problem.

Q Do you have a comment on the resolution that got passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday?

MR. SNOW: No real surprises. Senator Hagel was the only Republican to vote for it. He was a co-sponsor, however, so you expect him to sign on to his own resolution. The President understands that people have political concerns. What he has said is, let’s give this chance — this plan a chance to work.


Q Republicans on the panel were critical of the plan, like Voinovich and Lugar. Are you worried about the party splitting over Iraq?

MR. SNOW: No. What we want to do is, again, let members of the party — and we know they will — take a look at what happens as we proceed with the way forward.

No, No, No — Republicans Aren’t Concerned About Iraq

Q Do you expect Iraq will dominate the meeting tomorrow with the House Republicans?

MR. SNOW: I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t expect it at all. I’ll be talking to the House Republicans before the President does, but I think what House Republicans are looking for is they’re going to want to talk about issues that came up in the State of the Union address, too, because that is going to play a significant role in politics over the next few months.


The fact is everybody in both Houses knows that we are going to proceed with the way forward, and they will have an opportunity to see results on the ground. And we also have no delusions, Americans want to see results on the ground, as well.

Q As the debate unfolds, though, are you hearing anything on Capitol Hill that you see as responsible — you said that you’d be open to the debate — anything that you can latch on to and perhaps move on yourselves?

MR. SNOW: I think at this point I really would resist talking about “latching on to,” because it gives a sense of a sense of desperation, where, in fact, the President approaches this as a Commander-in-Chief. And as a Commander-in-Chief, it is his obligation to figure out how to succeed in Iraq. This is not a political exercise, this is an exercise in leadership.


Q How aggressively is the White House lobbying members, particularly Republicans, on the resolutions?

MR. SNOW: Not particularly. We’re talking with them, but we understand that members have concerns and they want to express them.

Q Have you asked Warner whether he will withhold negotiation with Democrats for a united resolution? Are you speaking with him about limiting any changes he might make to his resolution that might be more attractive to other Democrats?

MR. SNOW: No, certainly we’ve had conversations with Senator Warner. We’re trying to take his temperature on what he intends. But I think any conversation about what he intends to do you probably ought to leave up to him. I’m certainly not going to speak on his behalf.

They’re still living in a fantasy world at the White House.

3 thoughts on “Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

  1. Dorothy beat me to the punch above (and stated it much nicer than I’m feeling at the moment).
    So Dorothy’s comment followed by Blow saying that we’re gonna surge forward no matter what they say followed by comments about it being a debate (doesn’t debate imply that someone’s mind is open to thoughts and ideas?).
    And that with the House Repugs they’re gonna talk about issues from the SOTU rather than Iraq (So Shrub didn’t say anything about ter-rah in the SOTU – I must have missed that).
    I’ve gotta start learning the words to the Canadian National Anthem

  2. Snow; ‘We’re trying to take his temperature on what he intends.[Warner]’
    When they could get a diagnosis by sending Dr. Frist his pic?

  3. “Do you have a comment on the resolution that got passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday?
    MR. SNOW: No real surprises. Senator Hagel was the only Republican to vote for it.”
    So…Tony dismisses the resolution because only one Republican signed onto it, and he didn’t really count anyway.
    Yep, that’s “bi-partisanship” and “reaching across the aisle” the Bush administration way!

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