Lowered Standards

Check out the table Elizabeth Gentleman put together for Mother Jones demonstrating the length to which the US Army has relaxed their standards for new recruits.


The age limit for new inductees was raised from 34 to 42, while the length of active duty service required before a non-US citizen can apply for citizenship was lowered from three years to one day.

Also, it’s OK now it your tats show while in uniform.


3 thoughts on “Lowered Standards

  1. Well, gag me with a spoon, I’m betting the military already has recruitment offices on the borders. Probably has them at the exits of all of the tunnels under the border, and on the street corners in Los Angeles, where people stand waiting for work. At this rate our military will soon be competitive with the Iraq military. Sometimes teachers learn more from pupils than vice versa.

  2. Hmmm…I smell an answer to our illegal immigration problem if a non-citizen can apply for citizenship after only one day of service. Maybe the military should put recruitment offices at the borders.

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