SOTU: Even The Freepers Hated It

Though they’re just mad because he didn’t talk about burning gays and Mexicans at the stake while shooting abortion doctors.

Or something. I do my best but sometimes the hamster just dies, you know?

He’s not gonna quit ’till he pisses off every conservative in the country. There are a few hundred left. Tonight may just do it. Has he called for Mexican statehood yet?

I was hopeing he would do stuff about immigration, cut spending, reduce welfare, abortion, finding osama, a clear cut non grass eater energy plan, less gun control, increased boarder spending, cutting the trade deficit with China, type stuff.

Frankly, right about now – I hate both parties. Hating the dems is a given. But after the 12 yrs of nothing from republicans – nope, sorry – can’t love them either. I made my contributions, worked on campaigns, cheered them on, and what did they give me in return?Traitors, liars, and scandal. They didn’t give us immigration reform. They didn’t secure the borders. They didn’t reform social security. They didn’t give us school vouchers. They didn’t make the tax cuts permanent. They didn’t give us energy reform. They couldn’t manage to get more conservative judges on the federal benches. They didn’t put a stop once and for all to fillibustering Supreme Court nominations. They didn’t get John Bolton confirmed. We got two Supreme Court judges – that’s good – but not nearly enough for 12 years of majority rule. Sorry, not good enough.

This is a Conservative forum so a cetain amount of criticism towards Bush is, in all honesty, demanded.

Okay, as expected, the millions of illegals are going to get amnesty, and he’s inviting more in with the dreaded “guest worker program”… SELLOUT !

Just for a few minutes think about the good in the President. Believe it or not he has done some good and yes some bad. But we can’t please everyone. I defended him for 6 years. But he has still not listened. No he cant please everyone. But he should attempt to please those of us who love THIS country.


5 thoughts on “SOTU: Even The Freepers Hated It

  1. But he did help his corporate friends. See the Business Week below. (If I keep following the money, I’m gonna change my name to deepthroat.)
    President Bush’s State of the Union proposal aimed at increasing health coverage for uninsured Americans might provide a boost to managed care providers such as UnitedHealth Group Inc., Wellpoint Inc. and others looking to increase their enrollment numbers.

  2. “less gun control, increased boarder spending”
    He wants Bush to pay people’s rent?
    Stupid Freepers.

  3. “We got two Supreme Court judges – that’s good – but not nearly enough for 12 years of majority rule. Sorry, not good enough.”
    well, don’t forget to add one completely fucked-up war to that list. come on now, don’t be an ingrate.

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