Your President Speaks!

Today, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

What About Papa Johns?

We believe the private sector is the best delivery of health care.

He’s Pro-Worry

You just kind of assume that the third-party payer is making a rational decision on your behalf. And our view is, is that in order to have — to worry about health care costs, the more a consumer is involved, the more likely we’ll be able to deal with the increasing cost of health care.

In Other Other Words

In other words, a restaurant in Missouri ought to be able to have their employees insured with a restaurant in Texas. In other words, put them all in the same pool so they can get the benefits of spreading risk.

He’s Got Like No Brain

The other thing that’s interesting what Rich is doing, availability of health care, they’ve got like a specialist sitting in Kansas City capable of analyzing somebody’s graphs in a remote region, which, again, remember it’s affordability and availability for health care.

Paging Dr. Freud, Part I: The Fairest Option Would Be A Mistake

People who work for big businesses get their health care on a — with no — they pay no taxable income on it. Small companies who are having trouble staying in business because of the nature of their size or the company pass on the increased cost to their employees, and we’ve got to level the playing field, from a taxes perspective. It is by far the most hopeful and fair option of any medical health care option out there today, unless, of course, you want the federal government providing it all, saying, okay, we’ll provide you insurance, but we’ll provide everybody insurance, which would be a mistake.

Paging Dr. Freud, Part II: Take The Equities Out Of The System

We thought long and hard about what to propose. We proposed a bold initiative, an initiative that takes equities out of the system, so people are treated fairly.


9 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. pansypoo:
    “My constituency is the Have’s and the Have More’s.” — Gw

  2. i do think he wants to kill us.
    or let us die. he certainly ain’t helping.

  3. Yes, Mr President, we want the government to pay for a universal health care plan with taxes and maybe small co-pays. That’s what we want. We want the same health care plan that you have, Mr. President, and we want that for everyone.

  4. As usual, Bushco trots out a non-starter ‘program,’ whether social security privatization, or further ridiculously-expensive health care privatization —
    Benedict Arnold is off the hook.
    Move over, Jonathan Pollard.
    There’s a new Top Traitor in town, and he’s so smelly even the skunks turn up their noses.

  5. Does he like ever you know finish a sentence without changing the grammar and whatever and throw in a few names like Nikita and show how much she’d save if only somebody would activate the corporation’s love for your money?

  6. Already been an article on the “Business Week” magazine web page stating that the Bush Plan will benefit the Health Insurance Companies.
    Please note that it is strictly a co-incidence that a lot of the big Managed Care and other Health Insurance Companies are headquartered in Texas and have given big bucks to the Bush campaign. (that is, Bush did **NOT** build a system in Texas that gives the HMOs the freedom to do what they want and reap assinine profits with attracted them to Texas. Bush did not consider corporate donations to his campaign when they told him that they wanted this plan)
    BTW – ever run Bush’s speeches through Babelfish?

  7. Not to worry gang. Boots talks like his brain is rattling around in his head.
    He couldn’t sell this silliness if his life depended on it.

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