Happy Democrat Photo: Obama & Family

Nicely done.


4 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Obama & Family

  1. virgotex says:

    speaking of happy Democrats
    – Pandagon’s Amanda Marcotte just accepted a job running John Edwards’ blog.

  2. vwcat says:

    ah, the first family. About time we had an elegant first lady and president and some kids running around the white house.

  3. joejoejoe says:

    That’s a GREAT photo.
    Does anyone know anything about Mrs. Obama? Is she not interested in politics like Howard Dean’s spouse or REALLY interested in politics like Hillary Clinton’s spouse or somewhere in between?

  4. WitchWay11 says:

    “The American people have been asked to be patient too many times, too many lives have been lost and too many billions have been spent,” Obama said. “It’s time for a policy that can bring a responsible end to this war and bring our troops home.”

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