Breaking Ronnie’s Records

Heckuva job, Chimpy!

Gasoline prices soared to levels never seen before as even the inflation-adjusted price for a gallon of unleaded topped the 1981 record spike in price that had stood for 26 years.

And higher prices could be on the way as Americans get ready to hit the road for the Memorial Day holiday and the start of the summer driving season.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Ronnie’s Records

  1. Well, it’s three dollars and 47 fucking cents a gallon here for regular. That hurts, bro’. America just isn’t the same when you can’t get in your car and drive cross-country.
    Oh well. We can always take the train.

  2. I just paid $3.65 for mid-grade. (I can’t put that lower stuff in Gertrude…sorry, can’t have that!)
    It’s been a steady increase here in the NW for months and we live 50 miles from a refinery. I live 8 miles from work. Bus lines stop two miles from my house, the connection to my workplace takes two transfers, three buses and 2.5 hours. No service available when I get off work.
    My roommate drives her Bronco around town as a landscape/estate designer. She asked for, and got, an increase in the mileage she gets paid. But it’s still not enough. There is no alternative for her or me to get to and from work. No train, light rail is years away and won’t help us on the Eastside. Bicycling is great if you’re Lance Armstrong, but for this Jerry Garcia-lookalike, it ain’t happening.
    Besides, as anyone who has experienced the Seattle/Tacoma transit system knows, their motto is “You can’t get there from here.”
    Imagine a transit system designed by a blind autistic man wearing two left shoes. King County Transit (Metro) aspires to be that.

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