War is Peace afterall


The White House has announced the withdrawal of the nomination of Bruce P. Jackson to be a Member of the Board of Directors of the United States Institute of Peace.

Now how could anyone have objected to the mala fides bona fides of the neo-con Jackson for working for PEACE?

is the archetypal inside player: He is the founder of a string
of influential advocacy groups that support hawkish U.S. foreign
polices, including the U.S. Committee on NATO and the Committee for the
Liberation of Iraq; he has had intimate ties to several defense
contractors, including Lockheed Martin and Martin Marietta; and he is a
close associate of leading Republican Party members and Bush
administration figures.

one Jackson critic: “Mr. Jackson was Vice President for Strategy and
Planning at Lockheed Martin Corporation, which means that while Jackson
was founding the U.S. Committee for NATO and the Project for
Transitional Democracies; while he was serving on the board of the
Project for the New American Century; and while he was chairing the
Republican Party subcommittee on foreign policy — all of which
advocated more defense spending — Bruce P. Jackson was also working
for a company that stood to gain the most from stepped up spending on


an article for the American Prospect, John Judis quotes an unnamed
“prominent neoconservative,” who said that Jackson was viewed as the
“nexus between the defense industry and the neoconservatives.

Yes Bush had nominated the nexus between the hotbed for never-ending-war
peacemaking. Oh my land of Oceania it’s almost beyond Orwellian…

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  1. i am beginning to think goodwin’s law has been thoroughly tossed in the crapper, along with the constitution by georgie.

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