At Least The Albanians Love Him

The Serbs?Not so much.

Serbian Outrage Over Bush Remarks

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said Monday that his country was “rightfully embittered” by Bush’s remarks in support of Kosovan independence made during a brief stopover Sunday in Albania, adding that the United States “has no right to give away Serbia’s territory to Albanians,” according to a government news release.

“America must find another way to show its affection and love for the [Kosovan] Albanians, without offering them Serb territories,” Kostunica told Serbian national television.

“Serbia is rightfully outraged at the American policies on the issue of Kosovo.”

5 thoughts on “At Least The Albanians Love Him

  1. Hmmm, finally an answer to what to do with Bush after he’s gone from office – Ambassador to Albania.

  2. Although obscure to a C-average cheerleader from Yale, the Serbians have been known to precipitate unbelievable conflagrations when they avenge an insult.

  3. Bozo dared step into the middle of this feud???????? Didn’t he at least remember that the quagmire of this feud was one of the points he used to criticise his predecessor?
    In some ways I shouldn’t be surprised though. Its been my observation that those without convictions and honor don’t understand those who are driven by convictions and honor.

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