7 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Boys, boys, boys.
    And this doesn’t even include my dad’s chainsaw accident. Or the time he flipped the lawnmower over onto himself. Or my brother’s ant-frying in the open socket of a plugged-in desk lamp incident. Or my granddaddy’s suggestion to a former college classmate that he hook up a homemade electromagnet to car battery to see what happens.
    It’s amazing the men on this planet live past their eraly childhoods.

  2. ColdH2Owi – just saw where John Howard of Australia conceded defeat. In Australia, unemployment is down, the economy is doing well, etc. So why did he loose?
    Could it be the Shrub magic?

  3. i am doing ebay with an aussie(husband works for banrock station winery. HEY! i have some in the fridge! not bad, and very green too!) and lets just say he ruled australia like cheeney with extra ayne randism.

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