Oglethorpe Needs Your Help

Go suggest some people to sit on their panels:

Hold The Date [Jonah Goldberg]

Joe Knippenberg posts this over at No Left Turns:

The day after Super Tuesday (or is that Stupor Tuesday?)—Wednesday, February 6th, for those who aren’t paying attention—Jonah Goldberg will be keynoting a conference at Oglethorpe. He’ll be talking about his new book. I’m looking for professor and blogger types to fill out a couple of roundtables, one on the future of liberalism and conservatism in America, the other on the nomination marathon/sprint. Contact me by email (jknippenberg@oglethorpe.edu) if you’re interested. I could come up with airfare and accommodations for some of you, but can promise nothing more than conversation and conviviality.


2 thoughts on “Oglethorpe Needs Your Help

  1. Someone do me a favour and go over there and suggest they invite Digby and Atrios. That’s assuming you can’t go, either. I’d also like to see Jonah mix it up with Amanda Marcotte. I’d pay cash money to see that, actually.

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