Your President… Ur, Ah… SPEAKS!

Yesterday, inNew Orleans.

Ought To Be Committed

You know, one of the things, I came to New Orleans and spoke about the federal commitment, and I said, it’s been a devastating period and the federal government is committed and will remain committed to helping.

What We Got To Make Sure

But there are some significant problems. One is we got to make sure these levees meet the obligations and meet the standards.

Holy Crap!™

Secondly, I am concerned about the health care system that was torn up and needs to be rebuilt in a way that encourages there to be good health care and in a way that recognizes the changing population of New Orleans.

Stories On Crime

Thirdly, I have been concerned about the stories on crime, just like the citizens have been worried about the stories on crime.


All in all — and then, finally, public housing restoration.

3 thoughts on “Your President… Ur, Ah… SPEAKS!

  1. Head/Desk… at least that’s pain I can explain and eventually it goes away.
    His attempts to talk… nothing makes the pain go away.

  2. “spoke about the federal commitment”
    IN Regards to FEMA and the WH, is that federal commitment as in commitment hearings?

  3. I find myself enjoying “L’il Bush” on Comedy Central. They go overboard with the Bill Clinton bashing but even that’s well-written, and he’s not a major character. “Weekend at Saddamy’s” was hilarious. They’ve gotten Bush’s speaking style down very well.

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