Your Working-Class Media: Goldberg Edition

Jesus tits:

David Bradley had been trying to lure Jeffrey Goldberg to the Atlantic for more than two years.

Bradley, the magazine’s owner, wrote flattering letters. He courted Goldberg at a McDonald’s on Wisconsin Avenue. He proffered a hefty signing bonus. And when the New Yorker’s Washington correspondent finally seemed receptive to making the move, Bradley sent in the ponies.

“He’s incredibly persistent and makes you feel like you’re God’s gift to journalism,” says Goldberg, who had turned Bradley down once before. But that was before the horses showed up at his home to entertain his children. “The charm is incredibly disarming,” says Goldberg, who joined the Atlantic last month.

I would just like to announce that I am a) available for pet-related bribery to the editors of any and all publications and b) a bargain at the going rate of a fat, happy weaselbeast:


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7 thoughts on “Your Working-Class Media: Goldberg Edition

  1. I could use a pony right about now. Bonus pony points if a pony (led by a DHL guy in a cute pair of shorts) shows up at my office before 5PM today. Never mind an enticement to taking a job, I’d pay money to have that happen. πŸ™‚

  2. heehee πŸ˜€
    how much do you want to nibble their little claspied paws???!!!

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