They can be in our Krewe

You’ve probably read of the assholeprinciple who outed 2 gay students. I think the First Draft Krewe ought to make another trip to NOLA and invite Nicholas and his partner to join us…

According to Nicholas, he also suffered another
consequence of the principal’s discrimination. He had submitted
extensive paperwork and several recommendations from teachers for a school trip
to New Orleans to assist in rebuilding efforts. 

Having a long history of community service, he
was considered a shoo-in to be selected to go before the incident, but then a
teacher told Nicholas some faculty were afraid he might “embarrass the
school” or engage in “inappropriate behavior.”

A few days later, another student who hadn’t
even applied to go on the trip was selected in his place.

(h/tMichael at 2 millionth web log)

11 thoughts on “They can be in our Krewe

  1. TAKE THE KID WITH YOU!!! In fact, if you need to raise some money, I will chip in!

  2. WTF??!?! The irony is – this pricipal’s ‘act’ is gonna bring down a whole hella more hurt than anything that Nicholas wouldn’t even think of doing – as he thinks about others and not what folks think of him. Screw that principal to the wall and NOT in a good way.

  3. That principal demanded and got a list of all students believed to be couples by any teachers, so she could monitor their activities. That woman belongs in the Republican party, not in a school office. The non-gay students had their rights trampled too.
    After typing that, it occurs to me that I can’t name a single Republican I have any respect for. And, I haven’t the slightest doubt that the principal involved is a Republican.

  4. That principal’s actions are so fucking disgusting. And of course, I am at the Krewe’s beck and call.

  5. That principal demanded and got a list of all students believed to be couples by any teachers, so she could monitor their activities.
    And why does she think she has the right to demand such a list?! Yowza. Sometimes I really don’t understand the United States…

  6. On this topic, I’m probably one of the more conservative persons on this list. I think prolonged public displays of affection by either hetero or homo are unseemy. I don’t like the “in your face”. I wish folks would “get a room”
    And even I, when I read this, am flabbergasted. The principal keeps a list of who is dating whom? Lets even drop the gay angle. How much worthless and petty angst do high schoolers extend toward who is dating whom?
    And the principal kept it in plain view?
    Now let us add that it is not unheard of for gays to face persecution. What would happen if the principal circulated a rumor that X was a thief? Would it be legally actionable?
    The principal has proved themselves incapable of handling sensitive personal data. How much protected data does a principal have access to? The teachers have shown that they will engage in discriminatory action. So now every grade they hand out is suspect (would Johnny have gotten a higher grade on the essay if he were straight?). Not to mention that the teacher’s actions give strong credence to the idea that the “outing” could clearly be expected to lead to persecution.

  7. Do this over here, and that school board/local education authority would be straight up before the European Court of Human Rights… then paying through the nose.

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