FYYFF shirts available


FYYFF shirts are nowavailable at Dirty Coast:


Ashley Morris was too big for words so 5 letters need to suffice. For those of you who are out of the loop, read this and consider yourself part of the krewe. He spoke to our shared
frustration and hope for a better future in New Orleans. And he was one
hell of a Saints fan.

All proceeds of this shirt sale will go to Ashley’s family through theAshley Morris Memorial Fund.

Get yourself one


3 thoughts on “FYYFF shirts available

  1. I’ll be ordering mine, Scout. & thanks for the concern when I couldn’t seem to get my comments in order last weekend. I truly appreciate it.
    BTW, I’m sure you noticed that there is a food coop being organized in NOLA. I posted on it, but here is the link to the coop. It hasn’t opened yet, but has met its first goal of 300 founding members. Here’s the link to the Join The Coop Page.
    I urged my loyal four readers to join. Even if you’re never going to go there, this is a really good cause. Thanks again.

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