Growing Gilded Gills*

FromMichigan Messenger we learn that if you’re rich enough, dog gone it, you will survive that next disaster…

A retired general now working for a controversial private security
company told an audience last night about the services the company
plans to provide.

The government does not have the tax base to provide services to
everyone in the event of a major catastrophe, retired Brigadier General
Richard W. Mills told an audience in Pellston last night.

That would be retired Brigadier General Richard Mills, former Deputy Commander of U.S. Special Forcespictured below with Bush in 2002. Mill’s company is Sovereign Deed (link to company’s web site)


But back to Michigan Messenger…

Mills said that Sovereign Deed is focused on helping people in urban areas plan to survive a major disaster.

Mills said that Sovereign Deed would offer planning and rescue services
to subscribers who pay a “country club type membership fee.” Basic
service, he said, would involve a one time $50,000 fee and $15,000 per

“The reality of FEMA is that is has no infrastructure, and a lot of our
National Guard is elsewhere fighting the war,” Mills said. “You never
know what could happen. A hurricane, a terrorist attack, a nuclear
power plant going bad — it doesn’t matter, you make concentric
circles, you get a plan.”

Not everyone wants a plan. They want democracy…

Members of the group “Do We Need Sovereign Deed” are questioning the
use of tax incentives to attract Sovereign Deed. During the forum
several people expressed concerns about a “parallel universe” security
system being set up to benefit only those with financial resources.

The Sovereign Deed plan, “Flies in the face of democracy,” Carolyn Belknap said.

Belknap said she feels the company’s plans are covert and that she is
suspicious of Sovereign Deed connections to other similar organizations
such as Triple Canopy and Blackwater.

Belknap said she is particularly disturbed by Sovereign Deed claims
that they will have access to advance intelligence on security threats.
She said she is concerned with the privatization of security

(*re: title…Sorry tosee Jonah’s, ATTN SUPERDOME grow gills, post edged out for the Golden Wingnut Award)

3 thoughts on “Growing Gilded Gills*

  1. Sovereign Deed VII was my favorite.
    I hear Chuck Norris is going to reprise his movie roll for the television ads…
    ‘I’m Chuck Norris. Do you know where you’ll be in a hurricane situation? Will you have to suffer the indignities of being ‘saved’ by black National Guardsmen, who stare at your asses?
    ‘Sovereign Deed is based on my series of hit movies. In them, I transport heroin in my intestines using condoms. Sovereign Deed can — in an emergency — transport you and your loved ones in the same way.
    ‘I bet there are people out there saying, we need to hurt Americans with storms and other emergencies. Soveriegn Deed knows that the emergency starts when Sovereign Deed takes your sovereignty and your deed. At that point, if you aren’t a member, you’ll have to go home, wherever that is. I’m Chuck Norris.’

  2. I have a LOT of questions. (1)Why would an “emergency response” company locate itself in an inaccessible location? Pellston calls itself the REFRIGERATOR of the Nation. Just HOW do they plan on getting out to help anyone during a blizzard? That airport is shut down 50% of the time during the winter, and it is located 10 miles from the nearest highway. Further, it is on a Peninsula, hundreds of miles from main intersections for deploying by land to places where it would need to go. Remember 9/11 when ALL planes were grounded? (2)The name. Name choice tells you a lot about a company.Just how closely linked are these guys to the EXTREMIST Militias that talk about “SOVEREIGN CITIZENS” and property DEEDs? Just WHO are these people, really?

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