I Said a Flip, Flop, the Flippie the Flippie to the Flip Flop and You Don’t Stop

Looky looky loo! It’s St. BBQ!

So, apparently, John McCain now thinks that we willfind the magic ponies in Iraq in just four years (or eight Friedman Units, for those of you who prefer that unit of measure). 

This statement, of course, begs the question ofwhat the fuck have we been doing there for the last five years?

You know, you’d think that someone who was involved with Vietnam wouldn’t be so fucking stupid about setting dates for winning a counter-insurgency. And, yes, I said stupid. The other alternative is that he’s lying his old ass off. But I don’t think he’s clever enough to lie. I’m not talking about just being wrong–I mean he’s not capable of elaborate, intentional deception. Hell, he’s never had to–whatever bullshit he spews gets treated by the disgustingly obsequious press as the latest revelation from Jeebus himself. He’s never had to think quickly enough to come up with cover stories. So skillful lying isn’t part of John McBush’s skill set. Thus, I’m gonna go with fucking stupid.

Also, isn’t this reversal of position also known, among the genteel pundit class, as a “flip-flop”? I mean, this is the man who said he could see US troops in Iraq for a hundred years, right? 

This change of position will at least feed the Freepi. Now they can add cut-and-run McCain to all their other hatred of him. So Athenae will have lots of good things to give us from that fucking cesspool.

And, just so we don’t forget, I’d like to re-run this little gem I created a short while ago:

Epic Failitude

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