Polar Bear added to endangered species list

From CTV.ca

On the eve of a court deadline, the U.S. Interior Department is
adding the polar bear to the list threatened species. This comes after
evidence that rising temperatures are causing Arctic Sea ice — the
bears’ habitat — to vanish.

This makes the mighty polar bear the first animal to be listed as endangered or threatened as a result of global warming.

Once upon a time I made the polar bear slideshow below for A. Here again…


The above and more polar bear picsHERE


4 thoughts on “Polar Bear added to endangered species list

  1. unfortunately, a “designation” does zippo for the defrosting landscape polar beers rely on.
    but the slideshow was delightful. i especially like the final picture.

  2. duh … that should have been, of course, b-e-A-r-s.
    my subconcious must think it’s time for a long tall one.

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