Pack It Up, Pack It In

Good fucking luck.

Man, would I like to play poker with these people. Blackjack. Craps.

Would I like to play any kind of game of chance with these fucking people.

They flew out to Vegas and did fourteen tequila shots and withdrew their life savings and put it all on black, and there was a crowd around them the size of Appleton, Wisconsin when the dice went flying. They took a look at George W. Bush, this feckless halfwit prince of nothing, said eh, he’ll do, and elected his ass president (kind of).

Part of New York got terroristed up, and they said this is it, this is our moment, we’re gonna wrap ourselves around this guy and tape ourselves to him with flag-decal duct tape and jump into a vat of superglue, because we now have a majority for the rest of our natural lives, whores. Sit up and take notice. They paraded around with tiki torches (in some parts of my town, fucking literally) and shut down a bunch of charities and deported a shit ton of immigrants and opened up a half dozen or so secret prisons, and nothing was gonna stop them, no thing on this earth was gonna stop them. Their boy swaggered onto an aircraft carrier with his dick swinging around and they knew, bitches, they knew it in their hearts for sure, that this was them and they were gonna fucking own it forever.

And that wasfine with them, back then, when it was just brown people dying and someone else’s country was getting blowed up. They didn’t really give a flying fuck, did they? That the war was lie, that the law was a joke, that the Constitution was a toy, none of the people currently losing their precious little minds gave a great big juicyfuck about any of this back then. Four thousand plus American soldiers, countless Iraqis, mothers and daughters and husbands and sons, brothers and sisters, children on their way to school, roads and houses and places of worship, the fucking …fact that we cannot turn the fucking lights on with any consistency, much less that we’ve ruined two countries for a generation or more, much less that our national dick is now firmly lodged in the bees’ nest of the Middle East, we cannot keep the light bulbs lit. None of that bothered them up until about a week ago. It was somebody else’s problem. Fuck it. Democrats are weak on terror and surrender monkeys and shit. Up until about a week ago, they were waving their big foam finger around and nobody gave a flying fucking fuck.

So let’s not mistake this for one minute. Let’s not for one minute pretend this is about a sudden twinging of conscience or realization of the cost of war or the ghost of Jacob Fucking Marley that has come to pay them a midnight visit. Let’s not for one minute let them get away with appearing all of a sudden to be good guys, because they were here, too, the last five years, and none of them saidshit.

They werefine with it until they realized it would lose them elections. And every change in course they make, every conciliatory word, every softballing of the future, every single move they execute now is aboutsaving their own political asses and nothing fucking else. And every time one of them casts a vote, opens his mouth, waves a banner around, every time one of them now declares themselves reformed, one of the dirty fucking hippies who were right all along should be there to shove the meal they’re trying to spit out right back in.

Hand the Democrats the war? Are youkidding me?

They were fine with it until Mississippi. Every move they make now only reinforces that truth. They were fine with it until they realized they couldn’t hump it to the finish line one more time. Then they cut and ran, and they’ve told us themselves what we should think of people who do that. They were fine with it, all these years, until it was no longer useful to them.

And it’s a measure of how morally dyslexic they are that they think basically admitting this is some kind ofadmirable thing, instead of so reprehensible that decent people, when seeing them in the street, should turn theirbacks.


10 thoughts on “Pack It Up, Pack It In

  1. And they want us to accept them and their new found awareness because we are forgiving Christians!
    Just like they are! (Ha!)

  2. I’m not a Christian and forgiveness costs extra when it involvesthat many deaths. I prefer atonement. If I can put on my Internet Jew Hat for a moment, those bastards need to do a metricshitload oftikkun olam.

  3. I haven’t said thiss in a while, but GOD!! I love Athenae. No one cranks it like she.

  4. A. Fuckin. Men.
    Shove every drop of spit and bile and vomitus back down their Republican throats.
    This is for 2000.
    This is for Enron.
    This is for ignoring 9/11.
    This is for running away on 9/11.
    This is for using 9/11 as your tool of terror.
    This is for making every thinking person who opposed your war crime invasion of Iraq a “cheese-eating surrender monkey”.
    This is for your invasion and occupation of Iraq.
    This is for Fox News.
    This is for Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.
    This is for torture.
    This is for destroying Habeus Corpus.
    This is for outing Valarie Plame.
    This is for every Swift Boat.
    This is for 2004.
    This is for Terry Sciavo.
    This is for 1 year on vacation.
    This is for Katrina.
    This is for every lackey Pentagon propagandist.
    This is for Karl Rove.
    This is for Alito.
    This is for Roberts.
    This is for Scalia.
    This is for Cheney.
    This is for the War Crimes you will face one day.
    This is for the day which cannot come soon enough when you are gone from the people’s house.
    A. Fuckin. Men.

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