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A person who does not currently hold any public position, nor is he seeking one, nor is he a moral arbiter, nor even a puritanical scold, has had an extramarital affair. Just like many, many other people do. 

Who gives a fuck? Really?

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  1. Well, he WAS running for president and having an affair at the same time, and lying about it. Representing a party that is trying position itself against the complete moral and ethical breakdown of the right wing. While his wife fights cancer.
    You know.

  2. Of course his wife does. But it’s none of my business. He hasn’t been a public scold, so it’s not hypocritical on his part. That makes it a private issue.

  3. Just tell me who the dastard is! I’m looking for someone to feel superior to.

  4. gregp, you know, maybe it makes him a shitty human being. But the presidency is a job, and in a job interview, you don’t ask, do you fuck people not your spouse in your spare time, you ask, can you operate the handle of the thing to make it go such that I won’t have to hear about it from ten people all the time how you suck? I tend to look at it that way. John Edwards was never on my list of potential husbands, and he’s certainly not on it now, but he wasn’t, thank God, a candidate to be my husband. He was a candidate to run my house. Whether he’d have been good at that or not is the question that matters.
    Maybe I’d feel differently about this if it was, say, John Kerry or Chris Dodd who was revealed as the cheating creep. My lack of emotional investment in Edwards could be informing my lack of giving much of a shit. I will confess, however, to a general sense of annoyance that he wasn’t all that bright about it, and sit back with my white wine to await the breathless confirmation of the Enquirer’s story about how Bush is drinking again. Since they’re the nation’s tip sheet.
    It is also telling that the poor and disadvantaged folks Edwards made the center of his presidential campaign could not PAY for the kind of round-the-clock coverage his extramarital poon is now getting. I’d work that up into a post but I’m trying to go one full day this week without projectile vomiting.

  5. The thing that turned even some Democrats to Clinton was not his extramarital affair but his lying about it under oath. Edwards was not being cross-examined in court but he was running for president and lied at that time. Doesn’t look good for the people he endorses who will now shy away from him.
    What gets me is the abject neo-Puritan nature of our noses in other people’s business. WTF, America? Keep your own damned house clean before you go about spreading your self-awarded sanctimony. Where are the rabid hate-mongering Coulter-heads when McCain dumped his wife and married Cindy McCain a month later? Where is the outrage for Vitter and Craig?

  6. A, I agree with you in many ways. For me it boils down to this: If I’m looking at him (or anyone) as a candidate to run my house, I have to know if he’s going to lie to me. And to a lesser extent, if he’s going to do stupid stuff and think he can get away with it.
    It’s not the worst thing in the world, no. If he weren’t a public figure, I wouldn’t give a shit, either. I lost trust in Clinton, and I’ve lost respect for Edwards (Neither of them were my top super dreamy guys). But Edwards could regain some respect, if he worked at it (not sure about Bill).
    If I get caught lying on a job application, they won’t hire me. It may not be fair, the lie might not be a big one, but there it is. If he was the dem. candidate, and I were supporting him against McCain, I would be incoherent with rage. As it is, I’m sad for his family and feel a kind of amazed, irritated pity toward JE. When will these guys learn?

  7. What a stupid motherfucker. The entire mainstream media just fell to its knees smiling and shouting “Thank you Lord for giving us another democrat to trash!!!”. That’s why it’s a big deal.
    McCain could cheat on Cindy Lou Who with Vivid’s entire roster of porn stars and the media wouldn’t bat an eyelash. I’m just glad it’s Edwards and not Obama.

  8. I think that when we track the coverage of this, we should note how often the coverage talks about the adultery of Republicans running for President. Why? Because when something bad happens to a Republican, the Republicans love to remind the media, ‘The Democrats do it TOOOOOO! Even if the magnitude of the “crime” is different. So we have minor offenses up against Massive corruption in order to show “balance”.
    So now is the time to DEMAND balance from the media. They have been trained for YEARS to provide “balance” for the RightWing now it’s out turn. All stories about Edwards as an an adulterer need to mention other people who ran for President who were also adulterers.
    Who else ran for president who was an adulterer? Who else lied to the press?
    As someone suggested at the Crack Den that maybe there should be a law that who ever committed adultery or lied about it should not be allowed to run for office. Of course that would have disqualified St. Ronald Reagan and St. McCain.

  9. Jeez, Spocko.
    We’d never have another President, ever.
    And, yes, I’m including women in that prediction.

  10. BUT BUT BUT he wants to end POVERTY! class warfare!!! he hates rich people! no. wait. he loves poor people! GNEWS MUST DESTROY DEMOCRAT.
    they neeeeeeds a missing blond.

  11. I agree with gregp. And here’s where the job interview analogy breaks down, a bit, in my view. The “interview” process in the Dem primaries is for the nomination to contend for the presidency, not the presidency itself. And Dems want to nominate someone who can win, not someone who is lying about a ticking time bomb issue that would pretty much immediately scuttle his/her (very favorable) chances to get the job.
    Imagine if Edwards was the nominee and this came out and McCain vaulted ahead to win in November and then fulfilled his platform of “more wars, less jobs”… I daresay we’d give a fuck, then.

  12. Yeah, and if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t hit his ass every time he hopped.
    Or at least that’s what my grandmother used to say. 🙂

  13. You know who gives a fuck? The media that will keep this story alive far past its reasonable shelf life, that’s who.

  14. Seems to me the only thing it “proves” is that Edwards is a normal guy who got a little on the side and lied about it. Don’t make it right, but so what?
    In the big scheme of things, it’s less important than Russia invading Georgia, or Israel preparing to hit Iran (with our help). Those things I might lose some sleep over.
    As someone up top said, the wingers will see to it that it’s alive longer than it’s normal shelf life, but if this is all they got then we’re home free . . .

  15. As long as he has the grace to vanish for the next 5 years or so, I don’t care.

  16. Just WHY would Edwards need to vanish for 5 years “or so”?!?
    He hasn’t started any illegal wars, he hasn’t killed any of our soldiers or innocent Iraqis, or drained our coffers, or appointed people to high-ranking positions who don’t deserve them, or shredded and liquified the US Constitution.
    Jeesh, apparently “zipper problems” ARE bigger and more worthy of castigation and condemnation than wreaking disaster on a country and the world.
    Get a grip people. Edwards “zipper issue” is something for HIM and HIS WIFE to deal with and work through or not. He isn’t a candidate anymore, and even if he was, dicking around doesn’t preclude one from actually being a decent president.

  17. He isn’t a candidate anymore, and even if he was, dicking around doesn’t preclude one from actually being a decent president.
    Actually, it does, if you’re not a Republican. If he vanishes, he’s not a distraction, and everything is none of our business. Stay visible, and it’s Chandra Levy time. It’s certainly not fair, but it is what it is.

  18. I would rather vote for a guy that strayed, but had decent actual skills as opposed to a ‘candidate’ that has a PROVEN record of destroying everything he ever touches…ahem, bush.

  19. “apparently “zipper problems” ARE bigger and more worthy of castigation and condemnation than wreaking disaster on a country and the world.”
    As far as the media are concerned yes, yes it is.
    It doesn’t matter how we view it.
    McCain’s actually running for president and he screwed around on Cindy Lou Who. From the media? Crickets.

  20. I give a fuck, because a man who had the public platform to help a lot of people, and to perhaps be a kick-ass attorney general, has just traded all of that for pussy and the kind of ego-fellatio that only an affair with a person half your age can bring.
    Because regardless of it’s personal or not, you’d have to be a sub-cretin not to know the ruin that would follow.
    I don’t give a shit about it except for the credibility and coin that he collected from all of us who supported him. It was our backing that gave him whatever political capitol he had – to endorse Obama and perhaps secure a cabinet position for himself – and he set it all ablaze for the sake a little emotional and physical gratification.
    What he’s thrown away for himself and his family is none of my business. What he’s thrown away for this country – and for progressives, who will be tagged by this in this critical election cycle – is very nearly unforgivable.

  21. What Slim said. Also, Edwards’ wife is a strong woman and he should be more afraid of her than the media right now. Also, at least the Democratic naughty boys maintain family values by keeping their affairs good old heterosexual ones. That’s about the only positive in this; when they start moving over to boys and other men I don’t know where all us patriotic Americans are going to go.

  22. The funny thing is, even though this is a puritanical country, the media doesn’t say word one about McCain schtupping the beer heiress while he was still married to the first wife (you remember, the pinup model who was in a horrible car accident so he dumped her post haste). They can’t be bothered with a sex scandal about, you know, the guy who’s actually RUNNING for preznit.

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