Same Crack Time, Same Crack Channel — Final RNC Van

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Update: Van closed. Thanks to all 45 of you who piled in, ignored the smell and went along for the ride!

I heard some tired old dude was talking but I couldn’t hear him over the kitten noises.


7 thoughts on “Same Crack Time, Same Crack Channel — Final RNC Van

  1. Note: Tapped is reporting that at least one of the protestors was a Ron Paul supporter, not Code Pink. That makes a huge difference in any attempt to manufacture a narrative out of the protests.
    There were bipartisan protests against McCain!

  2. McCain is for change! He thanks God Bush has been in charge for 8 years. He wants the rascals out of Washington! He supported Bush 90% of the time. He wants to change the way we do business in Washington! He’s been there for 20+ years, doing business. Great speech!

  3. I’m wondering what Bush is taking from all this. He’s being portrayed as the villain he is, but he usually refuses to see himself in that light. His own party is distancing themselves from him. I’m wondering if at any point he will attempt to portray himself in any other light as The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To The Country or if he’ll just quietly fade out.
    In the hubub of the conventions, nobody has really been looking at the white house in the media. Usually during these times, they tend to pull a whole slew of bullshit that we end up screaming about years later. Is anyone even covering the White House now? Has there been any news other than Abramoff?
    I get the feeling in the next few weeks, we’re going to get our asses handed to us.

  4. Heh, A–didja see Ron Paul on Colbert? When asked if he could have spoken at the RNC, he said yes, but “I have had to give up everything I believed in.”
    Imagine that, a Republican officeholder who actually believes in something.

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