7 thoughts on “The Holidays Are Coming

  1. Of course, you’d wake up drooling every day.
    And you’d gain 100 pounds, ’cause you’d HAVE to have bacon for breakfast. Every workday.
    But it’s still the greatest alarm clock ever.

  2. OMG – I make it a point to quietly slip out of bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings and start bacon. The A/C moves the smell to the bedroom which wakes Barbara up and starts her sleepy closed-eyed shuffle down the hall. She says that this is the best way in the world to wake up, and I love doing it for her.
    She actually came into the studio to see what had me laughing so hard, read the article, and we both laughed until we cried. Thanks, Gummo!
    We both agreed that it would desensitize her to something that has become a treasured weekend ritual, and since I don’t see frozen individual slices of bacon for sale at the grocery store, I imagine you have to buy them from the same company.

  3. A company?
    Hell no!
    You got bacon, right?
    And you got a freezer, right?
    And you probably have ziploc bags, right?
    Problem solved.

  4. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS creepy promotional video for a workshop at Wasilla Assembly of God (Sarah Palin’s longtime church)

    When you watch this video REMEMBER…this was Sarah Palin’s church for nearly her entire life.
    The man with in the leather jacket donning a goatee was Sarah Palin’s pastor from 1999 till 2002.
    She continues to have close ties to this church and is involved with workshops there.

  5. First I read about bacon, and the smell that would be great to wake up to every morning. And, an invention that will rival that of the electric light bulb, and…then a horrifying video about the Palin church? I wonder why my stomach hurts now??

  6. That thing’d never wake me up. I’m so seldom hungry in the morning, even the smell of bacon usually elicits nothing more than “Meh.” I’d sleep right through it. Probably have really good dreams, though… 🙂
    By the way, Jude, “a harsh, buzzing alarm”? Don’t you people have clock-radios in the US, or stereos with timer functions? When my alarm goes off in the morning, I wake up to the dulcet francophonic sounds of Radio-Canada Chaine 1. Alternatively, before I got a new stereo that had an alarm function that’s too hard for me to set (it requires a concert pianist’s manual dexterity), I used to wake up to my favourite CDs. You ought to give it a try sometime…

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