Some Genius Shit

Pure. Fucking. Genius.

Yeah, we need some funny on days like today. So go read “Assclowns of the Week.” It’s so good, I’m going to pre-empt this week’s edition of “Fuckmook of the Week” in favor of this hilarity.

Oh, have youbought your roller derby tickets yet? Have you? Need I remind you how much ass this sport kicks?

Come on. Make these people happy.

You won’t be sorry you went. And, hell. I’ll be there. I might even buy you (yes, you) a beer.

6 thoughts on “Some Genius Shit

  1. Okay, this was just my exchange with Mr. BuggyQ over the phone:
    Mr. BQ: “So I hear the debates are going on a scheduled. So McCain couldn’t fix this by himself?”
    Me: “Oh, no, he lit a fire under the congress critters, so they’re gonna get it fixed, and his work there is done.”
    Mr. BQ: “You are shitting me.”
    Me: “I am not. The man has no shame.”
    Mr. BQ: “So he did this all without Palin’s help?”
    Me: “All by hisself.”
    Mr. BQ: “Does he have a cape?”
    Me: “He has one on order with the presidential seal on it.”

  2. Roller Derby ROCKS HARD!!! And now that I will be a Houstonian in the full sense of the word again – I can actually go cheer the teams on (haven’t been to one recently to have a fave team, but the “Machete Bettys” are tops namewise that I recall. However, when in New Orleans and can attend a bout – I am all about the “Marigny Antoinettes”! 🙂

  3. Finally SOMETHING that I can root against you on.. I back the Ohio Roller Girls from Columbus. Alli Catraz, Hellion Boi, etc.. Those are my girls.

  4. Hey, Jude, don’t be afraid to come back to Pottersville. Thanks for the linkie love. I was wondering why my hit count skyrocketed up (anything above 100 for me is a good day).

  5. Have you guys noticed that Palin has (got) the “Has Got” gene? I noticed it the other day and it seems to happen a lot. I suspect as they take the reigns off her you’ll be hearing it more often. Just sayin’

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